Actress Presenter


TV Highlights

  • TV -Soap ARD Serie «Verbotene Liebe» guest-role nurse Anja.
  • “Circus Star 2004 ” on TV reality-soap in Berlin, local cannel :TVB -tvm-Munich, U1 Switzerland.
  • Indian Film Productions by Sir Surva Movies «Run» and«Ponniynin Selvan» choreography & dance
  • TV-SF2 Scharmör “Oops” Comedy Slapstick in Zurich

TV-commerials/ad’s and Model

  • TV-ad SF1/SF2 Swiss Museum of Transport Lucern “Züriberg-Girl”
  • Migros Advertising Film MAX Zurich
  • Prevention Film SUVA Pro Lucern
  • Promotional Film Swiss Airport Zurich
  • Promotional Film “Operation snowman Bondgirl” Europe AMAG (Audi Cars

tv- presenter

  • TV -TeleBärn (local-tv) Conradio BE «WachmeTv» presenter of the tv magazine text collaboration – editing
  • Internet TV Zurich/Regional TV -Zurich Theatre Spektakel Gessnerallee Switzerland
  • K9 -Splitternacht – music cabaret and the host in Konstanz Germany

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